Speaking and Coaching

Keynote Addresses, Presentations, and in person and web based trainings on:

  • Make your Team Terrific!
  • What 50 years of team effectiveness research tells us REALLY works.
  • Coaching your Team for Success
  • Implementing the High Performance Team Coaching (HPTC) System



High Performance Team Coaching and Team Development

High Performance Team Coaching is a comprehensive and systemic approach designed to support a team to maximize its collective talents and resources to accomplish and exceed the goals required by the organization. (Carr and Peters, 2012:258)

Only one out of five teams are high performing (Wageman, Nunes, Burruss, and Hackman, 2008). High performing teams continually push for success and are not satisfied with the status quo. From the book, High Performance Team Coaching – probably need something a bit different here

High performing teams are created when team members define clear goals, and measures of success. These high performing teams also clarify their expectations and agreements about how to effectively achieve those goals together.

From half day sessions to ongoing support over several months or more, we tailor a process that fits best for your team to achieve its stretch goals. We don’t do activities for activity’s sake. We focus on using targeted processes that relate to the objectives you want to achieve. We help you obtain results in a safe and fun environment that stimulates dialogue and builds skills.

High Performance Team Coaching System

Some of the specific Team services you may consider include:

  •  Team Assessment: Assess strengths and gaps which can be tracked over time
  • Team Leader Coaching: Support to coach and develop your own team
  • Peer Coaching: Harness the power of peers coaching peers to perform more effectively and increase employee engagement
  • Individual Styles and Team Profile: Discover your style and use this information to improve communication, team work, and results
  • Team Charter: Create your own “Team Charter on a Page” that includes your team vision, norms, goals, agreements, values, and success measures for effectively working together
  • Decision Making: Clarify decision making options and accountabilities on your team
  • Conflict Resolution: Discover conflict styles and create agreements for managing differences of opinion constructively and effectively
  • Team Learning Plan: Create a plan to increase your team capability and build in continuous learning