Terrific Teams require effort, knowledge, skills and structure.

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This week’s excerpt from 50 Tips for Terrific Teams starts with some

introductory comments and Tip 1.

Teamwork is the ability to work together

toward a common vision.

The ability to direct individual accomplishments

toward organizational objectives.

It is the fuel that allows common people

to attain uncommon results.

– Andrew Carnegie

Almost everyone has had the misfortune of being on a terrible team.

Poor design, miscommunication, conflict among teammates, and confusion

over direction are some of the things that can keep a team from accomplishing

its goals. On the other hand, a TERRIFIC team is a great experience!

When things go right on a team, there is a synergy that allows the

team to succeed in ways that are far greater than any one individual would

ever be able to do alone. This synergy does not happen by chance, though.

Terrific Teams, those that achieve high performance and engagement,

have a combination of strong effort, knowledge, skills and structure.



Learn what makes a team effective.

Currently, many team interventions rely on incomplete approaches to

supporting a team, and they use methods that ‘feel good but may not do good.’

In fact, some research indicates that despite being fun, most team-building

events offer a minimal Return on Investment (ROI) (Wageman et al., 2008).

Many team interventions are based on face validity, not solid knowledge

about what actually creates team effectiveness and long-term changes in performance.

It is important for team leaders, coaches, and facilitators to learn

some basics about team effectiveness, group process, and team coaching research

so that their approaches can be as effective and productive as possible.


What classic resources do you count on for guiding your work?

How do you stay up to date? 



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